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Workspace Setup
Workspace Setup

Set up your Rally workspace and manage data for your use case.

Workspace Account SettingsSet up your core Workspace-wide Account Settings before getting started with user research.
Users, Roles, and PermissionsLearn about user role types and their permissions within Rally to safely and confidently manage your user research efforts.
Invite Your ColleaguesInvite colleagues and stakeholders to join Rally.
Manage UsersManage Rally users, update role types, and resend invitations.
Connected AppsSeamlessly sync and manage data and research resources with our powerful integrations.
PropertiesCreate custom Properties to enrich Participant Profiles and narrow your ideal Participant groups for Studies and Panels.
Email TemplatesCreate custom, personalized email templates with branded communication for all email outreach and reminders.
Question TemplatesCreate and save question templates to quickly build Screeners and Surveys confidently.
DocumentsUpload and manage custom Consent Forms and NDAs used for research Participant agreements.
Consent FormsCreate custom Consent Forms and Opt-In Forms used for research Participant agreements in Studies.
BrandingAdd Brand logos and colors to Rally to provide a better Participant experience with a consistent, professional look and feel.
DomainsSend bulk emails and provide a professional, branded experience for Participants by connecting custom domains.
BillingAdd credit card(s) to add funds to Incentive Budgets powered by Tremendous in Rally.
GovernancePrevent over-contacting or over-incentivizing automatically with outreach and participation limits and rules.
Set Up SSOEnable Single Sign-On for your Rally workspace.
Observer Rooms SettingsControl who can access Observer Rooms or download recordings and how long recordings are stored.
Rally APILeverage Rally's API to access and update select Participant data.