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Connect UserTesting

Use UserTesting tests in Rally Unmoderated Test Studies to streamline outreach, track completion, and fulfill incentives.

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How does the UserTesting Integration work?

Increase your UserTesting insights by leveraging easier access to your own users with Rally's CRM after connecting your UserTesting account. First, build a test in UserTesting. Set up your Study and email outreach plans in Rally and paste the UserTesting test link into your Rally Study. Launch your Study and recruit users as Participants. Capture rich, video-based insights with UserTesting, and see Participants updated to "Test Completed" in Rally once done. Track Participant engagement and incentivize your Participants directly in Rally.

Required Rally User Permissions

Before configuring your UserTesting Integration with Rally, ensure you have the correct user permissions in your Rally and UserTesting accounts.

๐Ÿšจ Connecting UserTesting requires an Ops Manager, Developer, or Super Admin role type.

Set Up the UserTesting Integration

After you have the correct User Permissions, you can set up your UserTesting integration with Rally.

  1. In the top right corner of Rally, select your user icon and select 'Settings'.

  2. From the sidebar, select 'Connected Apps'.

  3. To the right of UserTesting, select 'Connect'.

  4. A popup will appear requesting an API Token and a Webhook Token from your UserTesting account. You must log in to UserTesting to complete these steps.

  5. In a new tab, log in to UserTesting.

  6. In Rally, click the link in the popup to navigate to

  7. Create an API Token and a Webhook Token by clicking each 'Create' button.

  8. Copy each token and paste them into the corresponding fields in the Rally pop up.

  9. Select 'Connect Account' to finish.

Use the UserTesting Integration in Rally

Now that you've connected your UserTesting account to Rally, you are ready to use UserTesting tests in Rally Unmoderated Test Studies.

  1. In Rally, navigate to the Studies page and create a new Unmoderated Test Study.

  2. In the Test section, select 'UserTesting' from the Test Tool dropdown.

  3. In the "Enter Test URL" field, paste the Invite Network session link from the desired UserTesting test.

  4. Finish setting up the rest of your Study and proceed with publishing and invites.

Participants join your Rally Study via the email invite and are redirected to your UserTesting test automatically. If your UserTesting account is connected, we will automatically track when Participants begin and complete the test and their Participant Status will update to "Test Started" and then "Test Completed" in Rally.

  • Note: It may take a few minutes for the Participant test completion from UserTesting to reflect in Rally. Reload the Study page after a few minutes to see updates.

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