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Integrations Overview
Integrations Overview

Check out our powerful integrations, built to exponentially increase your research potential while saving time and money!

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Rally provides several key integrations to streamline your research workflow and enhance productivity. These integrations span across various categories. Click on each integration to learn more about how they work and how to connect them.

Email & Calendar Integrations

Connect your Google account to streamline email and calendar functionalities and use Google Meet for interviews.

Seamlessly connect your Microsoft 365 account for efficient email and calendar management and use Microsoft Teams for interviews.

Automatically create Zoom meeting rooms to conduct virtual interviews and sessions.

Schedule research events or interviews via Calendly, and easily sync the events with Rally.

Stay informed about participant engagement in your studies by receiving notifications in Slack.

Database Integrations

Enjoy a two-way sync integration with Salesforce, allowing you to seamlessly transfer and update data between Rally and Salesforce for efficient data management.

Enjoy a one-way sync integration from Snowflake โ†’ Rally, allowing you to seamlessly transfer and update data in Rally that has been added to or updated in Snowflake for efficient data management.

Research Tool Integrations

Integrate with Qualtrics to send surveys directly from Rally. You can track participation, collect responses, and save survey data to participant profiles within Rally, streamlining your survey research process.

Seamlessly connect SurveyMonkey with Rally, enabling you to send surveys, monitor participant responses, and store survey data within Rally.

Integrate TypeForm with Rally to send surveys, track responses, and save survey data to participant profiles.

Utilize UserTesting unmoderated tests and track completion within Rally Studies.

These integrations serve to enhance your research capabilities, streamline data collection, and ensure seamless research workflows by leveraging the power of these popular tools within the Rally platform.

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