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Email Health Thresholds
Email Health Thresholds

Learn how Rally protects your email-sending reputation and ensures deliverability.

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Rally takes a proactive approach to protecting your email-sending reputation and ensuring deliverability. The following support article explains the measures we have in place to ensure you have the correct guardrails to continue to do safe email outreach for years to come.

Email Thresholds

Rally pauses email sending from your company’s workspace if any of the following thresholds are exceeded:

  • Email sending will be paused if the bounce rate exceeds 9.5% per connected domain over the last 30 days.

  • Email sending will be paused if the spam complaint rate exceeds 0.09% per connected domain (1 in 900 emails).

Your workspace is checked every 3 hours. Users will not be able to enqueue any more emails using the affected domains.

In this case, ‘bounce rate’ includes both soft and hard bounces:

⛔ Hard bounce: usually indicates a permanent error, but can also be caused by a strict email security filter.

🟠 Soft bounce: indicates a temporary problem with the recipient's server, or another temporary technical problem with the email provider.

✋ Spam complaint: recorded when a user clicks ‘This is Spam’ or ‘Mark as Spam’ from their inbox through email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.

Why does Rally do this?

Inbox providers have strict rules for email authentication and spam prevention. (Read Google’s announcement here). Rally’s email-sending providers have implemented tight thresholds to prevent any chance of inbox providers rejecting incoming emails or classifying emails as spam

Rally’s Email Health Thresholds will preserve your email domain reputation. A good domain reputation increases the deliverability of your emails.

Domain reputation is the opinion that mailbox providers and anti-spam services have of your domain that helps them decide if your emails should make it to a recipient’s inbox, instead of being rejected or ending up in a spam folder.

How do I know if my Rally workspace has exceeded these thresholds?

You will see the following errors in your Rally workspace:

Blocked Connected Account

Blocked Connected Domain for individual user

Blocked Connected Domain for Super Admin

Email Sending Error

Email Notification: Super admins will be notified when a domain is paused for sending.

How do I know if my Rally workspace is approaching these thresholds?

  • Keep an eye on soft and hard bounces in the 'Outbox' section of a Study.

  • The Rally team will be notified if your workspace approaches these thresholds, and will be in contact with your workspace admin as soon as possible.

How do I get our company domain unblocked if we exceed the thresholds?

If the thresholds above are exceeded, email sending will be paused in your company’s workspace. Please reach out to the Rally support team if you have not done so already by using your direct support channel or emailing [email protected]. We will work with your workspace admin to manually unblock your company’s domain in 2 week increments.

Note: Unless you have been directly contacted by the Rally team, no action is required and your workspace is currently in good health. If your workspace begins to approach these thresholds, we will reach out to your workspace admin.

Please read our guide for best practices to improve Spam Rate and Email Deliverability.

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